Rent Or Buy Rugged Portable Sinks

The Perfect Portable Sink For Any Outdoor Venue

outdoor portable sink

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Finally, a portable sink that doesn’t fall apart during transport. In the world of portable outdoor sinks, getting the sink to a remote location can be next to impossible without destroying the whole portable sink assembly. When moving a portable sink across rocky or uneven terrain, it needs to be durable, and easy to handle and maneuver.

Our hot water portable sinks are mounted on a heavy duty 2 wheel dolly with rear wheels attached for perfect balance and ease of transport. The large, air cushioned rubber wheels make positioning simple no matter where the location. The rugged design means our hot water portable sink can go just about anywhere and can roll right over even the roughest of landscapes with ease. Our portable sink is truly portable.

Our outdoor portable sink features a Delta brand faucet for years of flawless operation.

As a self contained portable sink, it carries a 3 Gallon fresh water tank with capability of quickly hooking up to any size tank. For gray water, a 4 1/4 gallon tank is on board.

Most portable sinks aren’t truly portable and require a 110V power source to operate. Our portable sinks is the only truly portable sink and does not require an electrical circuit to tap into. Besides the 110V power input, an integrated 12 Volt diaphragm demand pump delivers water using a simple on board battery connection any time. Simply wheel the portable sink anywhere you need a hand washing station or hot and cold running water and you’re ready to go.

portable sink propaneOur propane heated portable sink solution produces 30+ gallons of hot water out of 2 16.4 oz. propane bottles available at any camping or outdoor store.

  1. Paper towel holder-use any standard paper towel roll.

Specifications: For outdoor use only. Requires venthilation. Includes 1 year warranty. Meets Maricopa County Standards. Fully ADA compliant portable sink.